Nolwen Meaning and Origin

Nolwen Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Nolwenn. Celtic an ouarn, the lamb, and gwenn, white, happy.


French singer Nolwenn Leroy.

Saint Nolwenn was the daughter of a Prince of Cornwall who, to escape the advances of a man and the wrath of his father who refused his religious choice, settled in a hermitage in Britain in the sixth century. Found ... she was decapitated. She then took her head in her hands and went in search of a burial place. After a long walk, the blood of his neck made three fountains burst forth and his stick planted in the ground turned into hawthorn.

His character :

At the same time soft and dynamic, Nolwen is a real ray of sunshine for his entourage. Cuddled, understanding and generous, she is also full of a very communicative energy.



His party :

His birthday: July 6th.

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