Name Océane - Meaning and origin

Name Océane - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Ocean is the name of a Greek god reigning over seas and rivers.

Attributed since ancient times, the name Ocean has become very rare. Océane, he appeared in France in the late 70s.


The Chinese actress Océane Zhu Xuan or the singer, radio host, actress, writer and director of French origin Océane Michel, better known under the names of Oshen or Océane Rose Marie.

St. Ocean is a Roman converted to Christianity and martyred in 320 in Lydia, Turkey today. Seduced by his holiday side?

His character :

Océane seeks balance and harmony first and foremost. Océane's appearance is sweet and reserved and is in fact a person with an enthusiastic and passionate character. Always looking for novelty, she can be idealistic towards a cause that seduces her, and then gets tired quickly. Very attentive and kind, Océane is the confidante and the perfect friend.


Oceana, Ocean, Oceania, Océanne.

His party :

The Océane are celebrated on February 7th.

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