Colorful names: White, Navy, Neela, Zohra, Malvina ...

Colorful names: White, Navy, Neela, Zohra, Malvina ...

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A baby will soon put pretty colors in your life? Get inspired by our colorful selection for his name! White, Navy, Neela, Zohra, Malvina ...: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about these names.


  • Female first name.
  • From the Germanic "blank", meaning bright white. This name often given in the Middle Ages had some success in France in the nineteenth century, as in the United States also at the same time. In history, Blanche of Castile married Louis VIII in 1200 and was the mother of Saint-Louis.
  • Sainte Blanche was a Roman who paid dearly for her conversion to Christianity: she was executed with husband and child in 290.
  • His party : October 18th.
  • Its derivatives: Albane, Bianca, Blanca, Branca.


  • Female first name.
  • From the Latin "marinus", which means sailor, here is also a nice color. His patron saint is Marina, the object of an ancient legend. Daughter of a notable of Asia Minor, she lost her mother at the age of 9 years. Mad with sorrow, his father decided to enter a convent for monks, but did not want to abandon his daughter. He had the idea of ​​disguising her as a boy and was admitted with her. Marina spent all her life in prayer and the deception was only discovered after her death.
  • His party : July 20th.
  • Its derivatives: Marina, Maryne.

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