Compound names: play the originality

Compound names: play the originality

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Today, mixed first names no longer marry Anne to Marie or Jean to Pierre ... alliances are done with Rose, Lili, Théo, Noé or Félix and the parents play the originality. Discover our selections and the main interest of this type of names being to be composed ... to you to create yours!

Names made up of girls

Boys' first names

Where do the first names come from?

  • The composite first names would have appeared in France in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and are believed to be Spanish origins. They were used at the time of important religious events such as baptism, communion, and marriage and were therefore most often composed of biblical names like Jean-Paul, Jean-Marc ... They were also an opportunity to pay homage to grandparents by associating their first names. It is customary for first names to be separated by a hyphen, but they can also be joined or separated from a single space.

Today, they are back and take pride in originality

  • Compound given names were very popular during the 1950s, before becoming rarer in the 1970s. In recent years, they have returned with less conventional associations. They can allow parents to resolve their disagreement over the choice of their baby's first name. And as parents are now often looking for originality, the advantage of composite first names is precisely that they allow to play with associations. For you to imagine yours!