Island names: Malia, Haruko, Kale, Anakoni, Maeva

Island names: Malia, Haruko, Kale, Anakoni, Maeva

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Want exoticism for the name of your future baby? Cape on the names of the islands, a good idea for future great travelers. Malia, Haruko, Kale, Anakoni, Maeva: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about these pretty names that invite to escape.


  • Female first name.
  • Malia is the Hawaiian equivalent of Mary.
  • This name has many origins and meanings. In Hawaii, it means "calm and quiet". It is also a very common name in Kenya and Tanzania, where it means "queen" in Swahili. This is a name that encourages travel!
  • His party : August 15, the day of the Assumption, the main festival dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.


  • Female first name.
  • Haruko means "flower of spring" in Japanese. In Japan, flowers are essential and essential, so many names refer to flowers.
  • His party : no known holiday date. Why not Sainte-Fleur on October 5th? Daughter of an Auvergne lord, Saint Fleur (in the year 1347) entered the hospital of the knights of Saint John of Jerusalem in Quercy at a young age to become a hospitable nun and to devote his life to the sick and the pilgrims.

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