Name Victoria - Meaning and origin

Name Victoria - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Latins

Meaning of the name:

From Latin victor, "winner".
Victoria was the Roman goddess of Victory. This international version of French Victory is widespread around the world. Although this name owes some of its success to Queen Victoria of England, it was never very popular during her lifetime.
Victoria is also the name of a region of Antarctica.


The most famous Victoria in the UK is Queen Victoria (1837-1901) who was Empress of India, Queen of Australia ...
The French-Spanish actress Victoria April, the Russian tennis player Victoria Azarenka, the American actress Victoria Jackson, the singer, model and British businesswoman Victoria Beckham ...

Victoria's patron saint is Victoire, who was martyred at Carthage in 304, with Saint Saturnin.

His character :

Lively, energetic, voluntary ... Victoria knows where she wants to go and comes most often to her ends. It is sensitive, sometimes even susceptible. She is quite reserved with those she does not know, but when she has confidence and when she loves, she draws her entourage in a wake of freshness and dynamism that is warm to the heart.


Victory, Vicky, Victorine, Vittoria, Toria, Vitiana, Vitoulia

His party :

The Victoria are celebrated on November 15th.

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