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What decor for Halloween?

What decor for Halloween?

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Enter, enter ... into the world of witches of the decor! Ghosts on the windows, pumpkin garlands and other funny and easy-to-make ideas will amaze your little devils.

The traditional pumpkin head


  • Take a big ripe pumpkin: big to be able to work it well and mature to be able to eat the flesh after having hollowed it out (our recipes).

Production :

  • With a sharp knife, cut the top of the pumpkin, then hollow out until it is about 2 cm thick. The most practical for this operation is to use an ice cream scoop.
  • Then make a pattern for the grimace of your pumpkin and affix it on your fruit. When carving, work from the inside out, starting with small holes and enlarging them as you go. If you are wrong, do not panic, you can stick the pieces with toothpicks.
  • For lighting, prefer artificial lights (eg a small flashlight rather than a candle). This will be safer and your pumpkin will last longer.
  • When the pumpkin begins to dry out, do not hesitate to soak it in the water for half an hour. It's ready !

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