Name Isana - Meaning of origin

Name Isana - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Indians, Sanskrit

Meaning of the name:

The name Isana is a possible contraction of the names Isabelle and Anna. In Sanskrit, he means "sovereign".


Ihsane Chioua Lekhli is a Flemish presenter and TV host.

His character :

Isana is a brave girl with great determination. Volunteer and energetic, she gives herself every means to succeed and to achieve her goals. Intelligent and with a certain charm, she does not hesitate to use seduction to get what she wants.
Brilliant and having a practical sense out of the ordinary, Isana is a real strategist. She always has a plan for any situation. Organized and almost maniacal, he sometimes plans everything to make sure nothing escapes him.
Isana is friendly and brimming with life. Very dynamic, she is deeply involved in what she undertakes. Hyperactive, she constantly needs to work hard to feel at ease. Showing great resolve, Isana can be stubborn. Once she has an idea in her mind, it's extremely difficult to change her mind.


Ihsane, Ihssane and Ihssan.

His party :

There is no holiday for people with the first name Isana.

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