What summer baby name?

What summer baby name?

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Whether their origin evokes the sea, the sun or water, some names shine under the seal of summer. A good name idea for your future baby? Alizée, Dylan, Elyne, Nour, Solweig: origin, meaning, date of celebration, derivatives ... all about these pretty sunny names.

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What summer baby name? (11 pictures)

Elyne's summer names


  • Female first name.
  • Derived from Helene, from the Greek "helê", meaning shine, brightness of the sun. Here is a name that evokes the summer!
  • Saint Helena, a Roman empress, discovered the Holy Cross on the occasion of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
  • His party : August 18th.
  • Its derivative:Elyn.

Nour's baby names


  • Male first name.
  • From Arabic "nûr", which means light ... that of the sun?
  • Nour is one of many names attributed to the Prophet Muhammad. Its superlative, equivalent to "Light of Light", is also a way of designating God.
  • His party : no known holiday date.
  • Its derivatives: Nordine, Nourdine.

Solveig summer names


  • Female first name.
  • From the Germanic "soil", sun, and "veig", strength, power ... This name evokes the strength of the sun even if, for a long time, it remained confined to Norway, where it originated. It was Ibsen Peer Gynt's lyric drama that brought this name out of its frontiers, because Solveig is the friend of the hero. This name is also found in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • His party :September 3rd or May 10th with Solange. Saint Solange was a young shepherdess of the ninth century who refused the advances of the son of a lord of Poitou, who killed her.
  • Its derivatives:Solveiga, Solvei, Solvey, Solvig.

Coraline summer names


  • Female first name.
  • Coraline is a diminutive of Coralie. He comes from Greekkore, the girl, andLas, the sea. Coralie was born in the sea or would come from the coral of which one makes jewels ...
  • The associated saint is St. Dioscorus, Christian martyr of Alexandria, who died in 303.
  • His party :May 18th.
  • Its derivatives:Coralina, Coralyn (United States)

Dylan Summer Names


  • Male first name.
  • In Welsh mythology, Dylan is the "son of waves". Mother of God would have given birth by jumping over a magic wand and the baby would have fallen into the water of the river ... before reaching the ocean. Will your baby have the marine foot?
  • This name has long been confined to Wales. It then spread to all English-speaking countries. The fact that singer Bob Zimmermann chooses Bob Dylan as the artist's name in honor of the poet Dylan Thomas probably explains this popularity.
  • His party : September 4th with Marin. San Marino, stonemason in Rimini (4th century), retreated to a mountain to escape a woman who claimed to be his wife.
  • Its derivatives: Dilan, Dyllan, Dylon, Dyllon, Dylonn.


Male first name.

Name of one of the gods of the sea in Greek mythology. He is the father of the Nereids, nymphs symbolizing the movement of the sea.

In the service of the Emperor of Rome, St. Nereus and his companion Achilles refused to take the compulsory oath of the soldiers because of his Christian faith. He died decapitated in 304. A basilica in Rome is dedicated to these two saints.

His birthday: May 12th.

Bilal Summer Names


  • Male first name.
  • From Arabicbillal, water, this word means a refreshing drink. In the Qur'an, paradise is always described as a garden full of rivers and ponds. Water represents divine grace.
  • Bilal also evokes the first black African convert to Islam. He was the first muezzin of Muhammad, the one who calls for prayer five times a day from the top of a minaret.
  • His party : no known holiday date.
  • Its derivative: Bilel.

Summer names Alizée


  • Female first name.
  • From the name of the wind blowing from east to west on the Atlantic, the trade wind.
  • Did the popularity of the singer of the same name charm the parents? In any case since the year 2000, a slight Alizée blows on the civil status. This name tempts you?
  • His party : December 16th.
  • Its derivatives: Alisee, Alizé, Alizéa.

Samson's first names


  • Male first name.
  • HebrewShimshonwhich means little sun.
  • Samson is presented in the Bible as the last of the great judges of Israel. He died by Dalila's treason.
  • Saint Samson is one of the founding bishops of the church of Brittany. He died in 565.
  • His party :July 28th.

Ondine's first names


  • Female first name.
  • Latinundawhich means flow.
  • In the Germanic religion, the undine, genius of the waters, is a kind of creature close to a mermaid, who sought to attract beautiful knights, ready to risk their lives to join her. He's also a well-known Pokémon character!
  • His party : November 10 with Nymph, martyr in Asia Minor.
  • Its derivatives: Ondina (Italy), Undina (Germany).

Pélagie summer names


  • Female first name.
  • From the Greek word pelagos which means high seas.
  • Today became retro, this name was quite often chosen in ancient times, male and female.
  • St. Pelagia was a young martyr of 15 years, died in 303 in Asia Minor, during the persecutions of Diocletian.
  • His party :October 8th.

Biblical, retro, celtic, mythological ... all our first names.

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