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What games for baby?

What games for baby?

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Doudou, rattle, mobile, stacking games, biting and other activity boards contribute to the awakening and well-being of your baby. Play, he loves it from his age ... alone or with you. Our special folder baby games.

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The blanket

Pinpin, Nin-nin, Loulou ... whatever its name and shape (lange, stuffed ...), your baby will probably have a blanket. An ideal toy to reassure yourself!

The blanket, his companion.

The mat of awakening: what trumps?

With its softness, its colors, its sound toys, its materials ... the mat of awakening is a very complete toy which helps to develop the senses of your baby, but also its muscles.

The mat of awakening, what trumps!

The activity table

Also called a wake-up table, the activity board is generally very popular with babies because it allows you to perform lots of fun little actions ...

Why is it magic, the table of activities?

The cellphone

Your baby has trouble falling asleep and seems ready for another white night? Not you because you have an important meeting tomorrow morning? So, invest quickly in a mobile.

The mobile, a fascinating toy.

The rattle

In front of the rattle, all the senses of your baby are on alert! This will develop his vision, his touch. And this smart toy and boyfriend will help him progress in his psychomotricity. Explanations.

The rattle, he loves!

Toys to bite

Rattles, teething rings, rubber animals ... biting toys are a boon for your baby. They do not just allow him to calm his irritated gums, they teach him a lot of things.

Bite, a passion!

Stacking games

Cubes, goblets, rings, bricks ... stacking games will please your baby from 3 months. But before being a true builder, he will explore all facets.

Games to build yourself.

Cuckoo games

Number 1 in the top ten of babies' favorite games, the cuckoo game is a hit in all latitudes ... including your home! The reasons for such success.

Hello, my baby!

Musical games

Between her birth and her first two candles, your baby has the soul of an explorer. The musical toys accompany him intelligently in his discoveries.

Let the music !

The bath games

Bathing your child is necessary to wash him, but it is also a moment of shared pleasure and complicity. Especially with toys that splash!

The bath, we have fun too!

The wearer

The bearer is a toy well appreciated by apprentice walkers! How to choose it? What safety instructions? Our advices.

A game that rolls, the wearer!

Push toys

Stroller, wheelbarrow ... everything that rolls fascinates toddlers. Push toys help pretend to be big, while still looking for the best way to walk!

For the older ones.

The phone

Whether it's the toy, your laptop or the home phone, the phone fascinates your child. "Dring, beep, hello ...", but why such an attraction? The explanations and advice of our specialists.

Why he loves to call?

Nursery rhymes and finger games

Did you know ? The development of your baby goes through his hands and fingers. With simple games and nursery rhymes, you can not only entertain but stimulate it.

We play baby?

The mirror

Who is this other baby he sees episodically in the bathroom or in this little funny round on his wake mat? Before discovering that the mirror returns his image, he will have to get a clearer idea of ​​his own body and his identity.

Mirror, an exciting game.

0-1 year old: toys according to his acquisitions

To properly choose your baby's toys, it's important to consider what he knows (and likes) to do! From birth to 12 months, month by month, here are some pointers to help you find the right toys according to your new skills.

Every month his games!