Heintz pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Heintz pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

The name Heintz comes from the Germanic words "heim" (house or home) and "rik" (king). It means the "home of the king" and symbolizes strength or robustness.


Heintz is mostly worn as a surname. Among the famous Heintz are the German painter Joseph Heintz and Jozz Heintz, Belgian chronicler and historian.

Henry II of the Holy Roman Empire is the last king of Germany.

His character :

Shared between introversion and extraversion, Heintz is at the same time discreet and open, shy and lively, voluntary and dynamic. We appreciate his frankness, his sociability and his insight. Heintz only acts wisely and his actions are calculated in advance since he is a born analyst. Gifted with an actor's talent, he is full of humor, which does not prevent him from having his feet on the ground. Its main assets are balance and stability. Heintz never rushes things. With him, everything must go as naturally as possible, and the facts only happen according to the established order: neither too soon nor too late. Besides, hardworking, hard-working and confident, he will have no trouble succeeding in life.


Henri, Heinrich, Heinz and Heitz.

His party :

The Heintz are celebrated on July 13th with Saint Henri and Saint Joel.

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