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Red-Caboche, the child of leprechauns: episode 3

Red-Caboche, the child of leprechauns: episode 3

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You think you have guessed the end of the story? And if our little hero collected by the leprechauns had found his mother? We must see ! Come on, quickly, find out more. tomorrow another story awaits you: The Magic Parrot.

  • Since then, every night, Red-Caboche returns to his house by the sea. And when in the morning, leprechauns ask him: " So ? Tell! Did you have fun ? he replies that it does not concern them.
  • The leprechauns are a little angry. Sometimes they talk to each other, they say to themselves: " That's normal, what do you want, he grows up, our Caboche Red! He is a little child of men and not a leprechaun like us. One day he will go away, that's life, it's like that. He will forget our secret caves and the treasures of the fairies, and the hidden paths where we will dance ... "
  • One night, Rouge-Caboche lingers so long in his house that suddenly it's morning. A ray of sun tickles the cheek of the sleeping lady and it opens the eyes. Then she sees at the foot of her bed a little child who looks at her with a laugh.
  • She whispers: "Is it you, Pierrick, it's you, my little one?"
  • And Rouge-Caboche suddenly finds in his heart a word he never said: " Mum ! "
  • Since that time, in the house by the sea, there is a young lady who laughs a lot with her little red haired boy. All day, together, they go fishing and then they will sell their fish, their crabs and their shrimps at the market.
  • Now the cradle is in the attic and Pierrick sleeps in an iron bed, near his mother's large wooden bed. But at night, it always leaves the shutter ajar so that his little boy can go running over there, on the secret paths of the moor.
  • Because, if Pierrick has found his mother, Rouge-Caboche, he will always be a little the child of leprechauns !


A story written by Marie-Hélène Delval, illustrated by Benoît Debecker, published in the magazine Belles Histoires, Bayard jeunesse.

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