Name Janick - Meaning of origin

Name Janick - Meaning of origin

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The name Janick is a variant of Jeanne. It is composed of the Hebrew words "Yeho" and "Hanan" which means "God forgives" or "God gives grace".


Gianna Nannini is a singer of Italian origin.
Ivana Miličević is an American actress and model.
Jane Birkin is a French-speaking British actress and singer.
Joan Baez is an American folk singer.
Juana Molina is an Argentine singer and actress.
The Janick are celebrated at the same time as St. Joan. Joan of Arc, better known as "The Maid of Orleans" was a French heroine and a warlord. She fought the English and was burned alive at a stake in Rouen.

His character :

Janick is a girl with a strong temperament and a strong character. Frank and direct, he happens to be cold and reserved towards strangers. Being at times bossy, she can be impulsive and aggressive if you have the misfortune to annoy her. Janick has a changing character that makes her seem complex to people who do not know her well. Sometimes susceptible, she is easily carried away by anger. The next minute, she will fall back on herself and begin to doubt her and her abilities. Janick often goes from one extreme to another with great ease. These constant changes in mood make it difficult to identify and understand. In these moments, she can be joyous and sad, friendly and aggressive, and even meticulous and lazy.


Jeanne, Gianna, Ivana, Jane, Joan, Juana, Jann, Janic, Janik, Janique and Jannick.

His party :

The Janick are celebrated on May 30th.

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