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Download our little goodies of the season

Download our little goodies of the season

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It is soon back to school, school children will find classrooms and mistresses. To prepare, take care or simply distress the approach of this fateful date, Bayard has drawn from his reserves to offer you small contents appropriate for your children.

Head in the air:

  • He forgets the day of sport and goes to tennis with his football business.
  • He always answers "I know more" if you ask him what his classes are in the morning.
  • It forces you to turn back twice a week on the way to school to return to the forgotten math notebook on the desk and it will make you one day or another the panic attack at breakfast because he thought the French interview was in two days.
  • You host a head in the air unbeatable, a sweet endearing dreamer who thinks Thursday is Tuesday, but you will sometimes tear your hair.

To limit the oversights, Bayard offers you to download these little Jobs of the time in the colors of our heroes:

  • For the smallest of the timetables to print in the colors of SamSam and Little Brown Bear
  • And for the slightly older fans, print schedules in the colors of Ariol, Zelina or Lulu

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