Toulouse: A mother throws her baby out the window

Toulouse: A mother throws her baby out the window

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Last night, in Toulouse, a baby of 15 days was defenestrated from the 8th floor. His mother, alone with him in the apartment at the time of the events, is suspected of throwing him out of the window. (News of the 27/08/10)

  • Act of madness? Despair? Last night, a 34-year-old mother is suspected of throwing her baby out the window on the 8th floor. Despite the speed of relief, the newborn did not survive the fall.
  • According to the magistrateAt the time of the tragedy, the mother was alone inside the apartment with her little girl. His companion and father of the child, a doctor by profession, was then at his place of work.
  • Late in the evening, two women hidden under white towels had left the building under police escort before getting into a vehicle. A judicial inquiry was opened and the mother placed in police custody. The investigation should confirm whether the woman is the cause of this tragedy.

Stéphanie Letellier