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Cough: nature remedies

During the winter season, your child can catch a cold easily, but when the cough sets in, you have to act quickly. Herbal medicine, homeopathy, massage or nutrition ... here are 4 natural and effective solutions.

A cold stroke, a mild sore throat with or without rhinitis and coughing! Cough is defined by one or more respiratory tremors, but it is only a symptom, hence the importance of finding the cause, by going to see your doctor as soon as it persists more than two days. Dry cough (laryngitis), wet (bronchitis) or wheezing (asthma), the indications, like the treatments, are not the same.

The phyto reflex

  • Thyme is ideal against cough, whether dry or oily, and for all problems related to the respiratory tract in general.
  • Antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, it is renowned in natural medicine for its disinfecting properties thanks to the essential oil contained in its leaves. It also reduces nasal secretions making it a treatment of choice in winter rhinitis that irritates the throat and turns into coughing.
  • For children, prefer tisane, allowing to infuse 2 tbsp. to c. dried thyme or two to three pinches in 200 ml of water for 10 minutes. Filter, then add a little honey (not before 1 year because of the risk of botulism manifested by a loss of tone, an unstable character, strong constipation) and lemon, a natural antiseptic. Leave this beverage available to your child and encourage him to drink it several times a day, in small sips. If the taste displeases him, prefer the inhalation of thyme leaves (5 pinches), during 10 minutes, under high supervision to avoid any risk of burning.
  • eucalyptus is also a powerful antiseptic of the respiratory tract, recommended in case of bronchitis and asthma, because it fluidizes the sputum. Family Mary's special organic propolis throat syrup, suitable for children and babies, 1 tbsp. to c. to dilute in the bottle. The fir tree has the same virtues (Biover fir syrup).


Dilute 1 tbsp. to c. syrup in your baby's bottle or in your child's milk at breakfast if he grimaces when he sees the spoon.

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