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An animal at Christmas, a good idea?

An animal at Christmas, a good idea?

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Your child has been claiming a cat or a dog for several months and you think to offer it to him at Christmas? Before making your decision, here are the questions to ask yourself.

1) Who will take care of it on a daily basis?

  • Cat or dog, an animal needs to be cared for every day, including weekends and holidays. If you have a dog, it's not just about taking it out, but also caring for it, feeding it and playing with it. If you choose a cat, you will also have to brush it several times a week. If your child will be happy to do it in the first days, you have to be there in relai the days when he will have less desire ... Are you ready?

2) Do you have enough room?

  • A basket, a litter, a bowl ... No question of buying an animal without knowing where to put it. If a cat can settle for a small space and be perfectly comfortable in an apartment, some dogs, especially the biggest, will be unhappy in town, even if you take them out morning and evening. They need a garden to get busy and let off steam.

3) Are you ready to commit 15 years?

  • Before making your decision, remember that a dog lives more than 10 years old, regardless of breed, and a cat nearly 15 years old. So many years with visits to the veterinary sometimes expensive, croquettes to buy every week ... An animal is a lot of affection, but also costs that can not be ignored.

4) Who will keep it during the holidays?

  • Do you like to travel and often leave your home? Who will keep your pet during your absence? Neighbors, family, care solutions ... Study the question well before making your choice and estimate the cost. Keeping your dog in a kennel three weeks in the summer can be quite expensive. Every year, too many animals are abandoned at the time of the holidays, for lack of solutions to keep them.

5) Purchase or adoption?

  • If you are not attached to the animal you want to give your child, adoption can be a good alternative. Refuge animals are tattooed, vaccinated and most often sterilized and only waiting for their new master. Another way to do a good action at Christmas time. On the other hand, if your child is small, report it to the shelter, as some breeds or characters match better than others to toddlers.

Stéphanie Letellier