A tailor-made oil for your baby's meals

A tailor-made oil for your baby's meals

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Contrary to popular belief, your baby needs daily fat on his plate. He needs 3 times more than an adult in proportion to his weight. But beware, not all oils are equal! With Quintesens baby oil, here are 6 organic oils in one bottle. It combines all the essential nutrients for the proper development of your little one. Zoom on this 100% natural oil that takes care of baby at all its meals!

A 6 in 1 oil for my babyBreast milk, naturally fatty food, is the reference food for Baby the first months of his life. At the time of dietary diversification, it is important to continue to add sufficient fat to one's meals to replace that contained in breast milk or artificial milk.

For optimal coverage of baby's nutritional needs, Quintesens created the "Baby" oil by combining 6 high quality complementary oils:

• 5 Bio-cold pressed vegetable oils for complete and adapted intake of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Vitamin E.

• 1 deodorized and purified marine oil for an exclusive intake of DHA, the Omega 3 of the brain, heart and retina.

Produced in France, this custom-made organic blend has been developed by nutritionists and a naturopath from the official nutritional recommendations for children from 4 to 36 months.

It is the only oil that guarantees Baby 5 essential nutrients, including DHA essential for good brain and motor development.

Ultra convenient, one teaspoon per meal is enough to cover the needs of Baby energy and essential nutrients.

This blend of oils will become the health ally of his early years.

An ally all the more valuable as lipids play a vital role in the metabolism and psychomotor development of babies. Do not take it lightly ...

Quintesens, a brand committed to healthy and sustainable food!

The successive food scandals remind us every day how much the food industry has sacrificed our health and our planet on the altar of profit!

Convinced of the role of diet on our health and our environment, Quintesens considers that a consumer should never have to choose between eating healthy, having fun, eating organic or eating locally!

This is why all products are developed in France by a committee of experts composed of nutritionists, naturopaths, culinary chefs and agricultural experts. You thus have the guarantee of products at the same time good for the health, greedy and more Bio than Bio!

Without any compromise!

The opinion of Patricia Boulos, Dietician-Nutritionist expert in lipidsWhy should I give oil to a baby?

"There are two good reasons to add oil to the baby's diet, the first is to provide a lot of energy, babies are going through a very fast growth phase and for that they need a lot of calories. The oils are naturally concentrated in energy, it is the perfect food for a very small stomach The second reason concerns the nutritional quality of the oils At the time of the diversification, the part of milk decreases progressively, but the needs in Acids Essential Fat is still very important, and well-formulated oils rich in essential nutrients (Omega-3, Omega-6 and) take over to meet the needs of the child. "

At what age can we introduce the oil so that the baby's body benefits at best?

"From the food diversification, that is to say between 5 and 8 months according to the babies.

Once the child has discovered and accepted the taste of boiled vegetables "natures", it will be proposed with a trickle of oil. The oil arrives quickly enough in the plate of the babies. It is a staple food, digestible and crucial for their balance. "

How much and how often to introduce the oil?

"As with other foods, start with small amounts, increase gradually.To give you a benchmark, aim for about 1 to 2 teaspoons of omega-3-rich oil per day from 6 to 12 months, then at least 2 or 3 teaspoons a day after the age of one. "

What are the tips for use?

"In all its dishes and in priority cold: on cooked vegetables, even compotes of fruits, mashed potatoes, porridges, soups or fillet on a well cooked fish or foil. added to the little baby pots. "

What are the differences between baby oils on the market?

"All are organic and emphasize their Omega 3 content, often provided by rapeseed oil.The most interesting oils (and most practical) are those that combine several complementary oils.This helps to meet the needs of Baby in Omega-3 but also Omega-6 and vitamin E. My preference is for blends of organic oils that contain DHA, Omega-3 essential for the development of the brain and retina.

What does the organic label AB guarantee?

"Organic virgin oils are oils whose seeds have never been treated and which have been simply pressed and filtered, a pure juice of nature without chemical residues.

Choosing an organic oil is the guarantee of a better quality oil, the nutrients but also the flavors being more preserved. Bio also avoids exposing children to certain artificial compounds that could disrupt their growth. "

We hear more and more about DHA, a specific omega-3 that will become mandatory in infant formula? Why is this nutrient so essential for Baby?

"DHA is the most developed and effective form of omega-3 for the body.

It is an essential nutrient that must be made to provide babies with food (and throughout life for that matter) and will become mandatory in 2020 in infant milks.

DHA is found mainly in seafood products: oily fish, fish oils and livers, marine algae. Admit that they are not common foods in the plate of babies!

After diversification, it is important to choose foods (including blends of oils) containing DHA to cover the nutritional needs of children. "


"Make sense of your baby's diet"

The oil has great virtues for his health.

So one, two, three spoons of oil (depending on age) and voila!