Name Jihad - Meaning and Origin

Name Jihad - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In Arabic, jihad means "personal effort or holy struggle that the believer accomplishes daily to lead his life according to the will of Allah in a spirit of love, tolerance and peace, immutable values ​​of the original Islam". We are far from the jihad advocated by religious extremists and terrorists.


No Jihad known to this day, perhaps your little treasure will be?

His character :

Harmoniously combining calm and fighting spirit, Jihad exudes an aura of power and serenity. True to his etymology, he tries every day to excel to earn the joy of his parents, but also for his self-satisfaction. Volunteer and hardworking since childhood, Jihad is endowed with great power of action.

Ambitious and determined, he fights for what he wants. Obstacles, difficulties and possible failures stimulate it positively. Cerebral, Jihad expresses little feelings despite their sincerity. His seriousness does not prevent him from loving life and having fun.


Jihad and Jihadd.

His party :

The feast of Jihad remains undetermined until now.

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