A scrub for a radiant complexion

A scrub for a radiant complexion

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You dream of a luminous complexion. Cap on scrubs, true miracle treatments that reveal all your brilliance. What are they for, who to choose and how to use it well? Our advice and our selection of products.

Why scrub?

The scrub or exfoliation makes the skin new and keeps a healthy epidermis. His action:

  • Ridding the skin of dead cells which accumulate on its surface.
  • Accelerate natural renewal skin cells.
  • Stimulate micro-circulation blood on the surface.
  • Make the skin very soft.

Which scrub to choose?

In gel or cream, with exfoliating mini-balls, there is something for everyone:

  • Prefer a biological exfoliant if your skin is very sensitive.
  • Eliminate imperfections your oily skin with an anti-scrub gel.
  • Adopt a soft and moisturizing texture that coaxes your dry skin.

The good rhythm

It depends on your skin type:

  • purify oily skin twice a week.
  • Clean normal skin gently once a week.
  • Preserve sensitive skin and dries once every two weeks.

The right gestures for an effective scrub

  • Put a small amount of product in your hand and apply to clean, moist skin.
  • Do light massages circular without rubbing.
  • rinse in warm water.

Monique Fort