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A mobile ? What a good idea !

A mobile ? What a good idea !

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Your baby has trouble falling asleep and seems ready for another white night? Not you because you have an important meeting tomorrow morning? So, invest quickly in a mobile.

What's the use of a mobile?

  • Mobile helps your baby develop a sense of observation, as well as his ability to follow a moving eye. He also participates in the awakening of his senses and finally serves to calm him down and put him to sleep.
  • This is a toy that will help him exercise his sight. It is while training that his eye becomes efficient. The first days, the sight of your baby is not very effective, his world is totally vague and only takes shape in areas of shadows and light. This is why the mobile is an excellent subject of observation: while agitating, it captures the light and makes it dance on the surface of its elements. These changing reflections are worthy of the keenest interest for your baby. Interest not too strong however ... Two or three seconds is the maximum attention he is able.

Which mobile to choose?

  • In black and white, they are more successful than in color, from the point of view of babies. Unless you choose very bright colors. A mechanical music box that can be stopped at any time, subjects that stand out to become separate toys ... these are good assets for a mobile. As for the remote control that allows remote programming various features or the light pattern that fits the ceiling, why not, but they increase the price.

Where do we put it?

  • Mostly above his bed. But there are also versions for the car, the bath, the changing table, the stroller ... practical to capture the attention of your toddler at a time when, normally, it moves!

Security, of course!

  • The mobile must be easily attached to your baby's bed and safely. Follow the assembly instructions carefully. Place the suspension arm as high as possible to prevent your baby from catching his mobile and knocking him down ... on his head! For models containing batteries, remember to change them regularly. Exhausted batteries may leak corrosive liquid.

Safia Amor