Name Jéromine - Meaning and origin

Name Jéromine - Meaning and origin

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Feminine variant of Jerome, the name Jéromine comes from the Greek word "hieros and onoma" meaning "sacred name".


Jéromine Pasteur is a French explorer and adventurer who publishes books and stories about her travels.
Jéromine Chasseriaud is a French actress and actress.
Jéromine Géroudet is a French alpine skier.
Jerome de Stridon or Saint-Jerome is a monk, translator, doctor of the Church and one of the four fathers of the Latin Church. After studying the Bible in Constantinople, St. Jerome returned to Rome where he served the Pope. When he died, he founded several monasteries and translated the Bible into Latin.

His character :

With a strong character, Jéromine hates to walk on his feet. Very spiteful, she rarely forgives and never forgets. With a strong personality, she likes to lead and command, whether in her personal or professional life. To impress his entourage or to be the center of interest is also natural for this woman who imposes it. Very intuitive, she prefers vision to logic.

Volunteer and dynamic, she still manages several activities at once. Entrepreneur and courageous, Jéromine has a taste for adventure and escape. Hungry for the unknown and for space, she turns out to be an unsatisfied chronicle. A faithful and faithful woman, she has a sense of friendship. Of a rather remarkable smoothness, it however lacks perseverance. She often tends to be irritable and lacks patience. Too sentimental, Jerome can be possessive and jealous.


Jeromiah and Jeronimus.

His party :

The people named Jeromine are celebrated on September 30th.

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