Names Henrique - Meaning and origin

Names Henrique - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Henrique comes from the Germanic terms "heim" and "rik" which mean respectively "house" and "king".


Brazilian footballers Henrique Adriano Buss and Henrique Medina da Silva, the great international chess master Henrique Mecking, of Brazilian origin, the Spanish singers Enrique Iglesias and Enrique Bunbury.
St. Enrique de Ossó y Cervelló was a priest of the nineteenth century. In 1867 he founded the Company of St. Teresa, which was dedicated to the education of young girls. After a long fight against the Carmelites, his reputation was tested and his friends turned against him. The members of the company he created rejected even the authority of their founding father. He retired to the Franciscan monastery of Gilet and died there on January 27, 1896.

His character :

Under a calm and reserved appearance, Henrique hides an iron will and determination. He is intelligent and sure of himself. Indeed, Henrique knows perfectly gauge his abilities and strengths. When he has a project to accomplish, he can engage body and soul in his task. He can forget the world around him for days. He is nonetheless generous with his family and friends.


Henri, Henri, Henrik, Enrique, Enrico

His party :

The Henrique are celebrated on January 27th.

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